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Great resource resource: Resources for decentralised organising

Here is how Richard describes this list and his approach, interesting use of the "pattern language" approach:

"I think the best structure for any organising effort must be custom-fit to its local context. I don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions, but we don’t need to start from a blank slate either. My book is a collection of “patterns”, experiences that are common in all collaborative groups. Each pattern names a common dysfunction (e.g. unfair distribution of care labour), and a response (e.g. account for care work the same way you treat other work).

"My approach to organisational development:

  • understand the local context for this org: history, relationships, intentions, strengths, obstacles, etc.
  • zoom out to a global view to find an appropriate frame of reference (e.g. #agile, #teal, #sociocracy, #coops, #designthinking, #artofhosting)
  • zoom in to an adjacent local context (i.e. another organisation that shares something in common with this one)
  • return home with lessons to inform the next experiment we’ll try

"So the “handbooks” listed here are examples of local context (with much gratitude to the authors who make their experience transparent for others to learn from). The “toolkits and books” are global lessons extracted from local experience."